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The new normal post Covid-19

It is incredible how much life has changed over the past two months since we've been on lock-down, unable to live life "normally." Now that we're getting ready to return to life from the shelter-in-place, we realize that what we thought was "normal" may not be "normal" after all. But really, what is normal anyway? The great thing about this whole experience is that we can redefine normal. We can enhance and improve things. We can build skills and increase our self-discipline. We can create a new future!

Especially when it comes to business and the workplace, business leaders should consider taking some time to have a strategic planning session before returning to work 100%. Not only to comply with CDC requirements but also to reflect and understand how this experience will affect their business for the rest of 2020 and beyond. A strategic planning workshop facilitated by a third party like OptimHR Services can help business leaders dig deep and uncover things that they haven't considered before. One thing that Covid-19 has shown us is that we need to spend more time thinking creatively and out of the box. Using principles and strategies from Design Thinking methodologies, OptimHR Services can lead a team to define or redefine their mission and vision, create a roadmap for the future state, and plan to get there. Is it even possible to return to "normal''? Why would you want to? Change is imperative for growth, and although this experience was quite difficult, there is much good that has and can from it. #strategy #strategicplanning #leadership #covid19

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